This is a blog about unified communications and collaboration. We have been designing, installing and supporting these solutions since 2000. We've lived through two separate tech booms, one dotcom crash, and even a great recession. We started off in 2000 with a cool little phone system that ran on a Windows NT server. A couple of years later we picked up a product from Avaya called IP Office and after cutting our teeth on version 1.3, we have watched this product grow all the way up to 9.0. From its humble beginnings, IP Office now supports up to 2000 users, 32 networked sites, and full system resiliency. IP Office 9.0 even runs on a virtual server, so your communications system is now just an application on your data network. For me, what's even more exciting are the end user applications. As you will see in the YouTube video below, I believe that we have nearly fulfilled the promise of communications, anytime, anywhere and on any device. No, these communications applications are not perfect and believe me we keep bugging vendors like Avaya on ways to make their applications better. But I do believe that they are now powerful and simple enough to enable end users to communicate more effectively and more efficiently no matter where they are. What would you like to see from these types of applications?


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